Q&A with Tim Hast

Tim hast, principal of Edmond-based Encore Life Skills, offers four skills that separate experts from novices when it comes to listening.
Great leaders create, align and execute visions.

Q: There’s always a new book author claiming to have discovered the secret to great leadership. What makes an effective leader?
A: everything leaders do falls into these three categories. They create a vision, they get others aligned with that vision, and then they execute that vision. Think in football terms. A leader creates the play, communicates it to the team, and they move the ball down the field.

Q: How do I create vision?
A: take the time to determine the vision and values of your organization, clarify your own professional goals. Then determine what you want to accomplish, individually and as an organization. That becomes your vision.

Q:  How do I get others aligned to my vision?
A: by sharing your expectations and why those expectations are important. Leaders talk about their vision a lot.

Q: How do I empower my team to execute my vision?
A: by setting goals that are smart — specific, measurable, agreed-upon, realistic and time-bound. And by providing the resources and authority they need to get the job done.

– Paula Burkes, Business Writer. See article on Oklahoman Website


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