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tim hast
trainer, executive coach

Tim provides organizational training, development, and coaching services in leadership, listening, communication, conflict management, mediation, and team building. His work is based on training and facilitating trust-based relationships. He is an authorized partner with Wiley and Sons for both, Everything DiSC personality assessments, and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

The son of missionaries and raised in Puerto Rico, Tim observed the cross-cultural dissonance between Caribbean and Oklahoma cultures.  As a child, he realized most conflicts are the result of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Tim discovered from running his own business for many years that a manager can make or break an employee. As a counselor focusing on couples in conflict, Tim observed that as in most relationships, both personal and professional, relational problems are rooted in poor communication that often leads to conflict. And great listening is the key to correcting poor communication patterns. He now uses the skills he first learned as a business owner and counselor to coach and train people in the workplace.

Tim is the author of, “Powerful Listening. Powerful Influence. Work Better. Live Better. Love Better.” available at Amazon.com in both print and e-book versions.

Tim lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife, where they enjoy weekly conversations over the dinner table with their two sons and their wives, and their grandson.

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ruthie hast
licensed, professional counselor

Ruthie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, having received her Master of Education in Community Counseling with honors from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1998. Before her change of career to counseling, Ruthie taught English at the junior-high level, and then was a full-time homemaker and mother for fifteen years. She recognizes that her two former careers clearly helped to prepare her for the field of counseling therapy. Some of Ruthie’s programs include:

  • Mother-Daughter Communication
  • Women’s Issues
  • Communication coaching for couples
  • Behavior Modification
  • Anger Management
  • Aggression Control and Management
  • Marriage Seminars

Ruthie has been married to Tim for forty years, and has two grown sons. Along with Tim, she loves to present marriage seminars that focus on how to strengthen marriages through mutual respect and love, healthy views of oneself and their mate, good communication skills, and effective problem solving. She thoroughly enjoys being married to her best friend, and wishes the same for other couples.

Ruthie was employed as a trauma therapist after the May 3, 1999 tornadoes in central Oklahoma, during which time she received extensive training in disaster response and trauma therapy. That year of working with survivors within the Trauma Model, strongly informed all areas of her work with clients. She is a Level II EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) practitioner, and applies it regularly in her work with clients.

Ruthie is fascinated by birth order and family-of-origin issues, and enjoys working with family members to help improve intra-family relationships. Her work with mothers and daughters is particularly enjoyable to her, as is therapy with adolescents.

Her overall worldview is from the Christian perspective, and her strong and vibrant faith energizes her practice.

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linda boyce
executive coach

Linda Boyce is a retired global executive from IBM’s Strategic Outsourcing organization, and was dedicated to supporting IBM’s existing client base. She retired in 2013, with thirty five years spent entirely in the Services arena.  Her breadth of sales and marketing experience, coupled with over fifteen years of executive management gives her a unique perspective into provider/supplier relationships and internal relationships in companies of all sizes. Linda also has vast cultural experience having traveled to 35 countries during her tenure with IBM, which is an important skill when assistingclients who have a culturally diverse workplace.

Working with many clients who speak English as a second language has given Linda a unique and enhanced ability to “read” people, through body language and tone – what is not said. Her keen perspective has allowed her to listen more intently and interpret people’s true messaging more readily.

Much of Linda’s professional life has been dedicated to working in governance and communications planning, including “distressed relationship situations.” Working with client executives and the IBM team in a collaborative fashion required maintaining objectivity and composure; dealing with these intense situations further honed her ability to assess a situation quickly and objectively, and enabled the development of jointly- agreed-to solutions between clients and providers.

Linda joined IBM in 1978 as a Customer Engineer (technician) in Seattle.  She progressed through a series of staff and management positions in Seattle, San Francisco and IBM’s Service Headquarters in New Jersey before moving to middle management in Oklahoma City in 1989. Linda then accepted a series of new responsibilities as a project executive in the burgeoning services arena, before being selected as Vice President for Product Support Services in 1993, where she managed 1,200 sales and services personnel.

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mona earnest
HR Consultant

Mona Earnest was the former Manager of Training and Employee Development for Campbell Soup Company in Sacramento, CA. She directed all plant activities that involved training and employee development for 1,400 employees. She also developed the model for high performance work teams at Campbell Soup. This model was used at many of the unionized plants in the United States.

Mona is also a certified trainer for the nationally renowned AchieveGlobal Corporation. She has an extensive background in developing and conducting skill development training seminars for all levels of organizations. She has published articles on teams and has been a speaker at several national conferences, including the Association for Quality and Participation (AQP) and the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA).

Mona holds her Master’s degree in Human Resources from the University of San Francisco and currently does Human Resources Advising for private businesses and non-profits, and serves as visiting professor for local universities in the Oklahoma City metro-area. She has over 20 years of experience and she specializes in teaching Management, Leadership, Diversity, and Business Ethics. Mona has lived in six countries on three continents and is fluent in three languages.

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nestor delgado
Trainer, Business Coach

Nestor M. Delgado was born in Bogotá, Colombia, holds a degree in Social Psychology from A & D National University of Colombia, and also holds a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Mid America Christian University -USA.

Nestor is an international speaker, writer and business consultant with Avraham Goldratt Institute (AGI). His educational programs, workshops and private training empower and equip business owners, managers and employers with information and tools to reach professional and personal goals.

Nestor is also an experienced marriage and family coach. In his latest research, Nestor has discovered the main roots of separation and divorce are fed by distorted beliefs about love. He has created a curriculum to strengthen marriages and the family relationship.

Nestor enjoys outdoor sports, music, and nature. His wife Dee and his children, David, Carolina, and Paola have been his inspiration and support in building his dream of helping singles, families, and organizations realize and achieve their dreams.

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