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Cultural Intelligence: What is Your CQ And Why Should You Care?

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2C7Mfft9OY (From Mona Earnest, Speaker, trainer, HR consultant and partner at Encore Life Skills) Yesterday, I taught a course on Cultural Intelligence for the State of Oklahoma Office of Management & Enterprise (OMES). Just as your own Intelligence Quotient (IQ) can be measured, so can your Cultural Quotient (CQ). Harvard Business Review defines [...]

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I Hate Emotional Intelligence

I hate Emotional Intelligence. Well actually, I dislike the term, “Emotional Intelligence.” Why? Intelligence is something you are stuck with.  You get your quotient, your share, and that’s it. Done. Experts say you can stretch it a little bit, but not appreciably.  Mental push-ups won’t develop a cerebral six-pack.  Vitamins won’t make you any smarter. [...]

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Five Things You Must Know About Conflict

Conflict. Some of us really don’t like conflict. We would much rather get along than get cross with each other, and a workplace where people are nice to each other is a good thing, right? Well, actually not. Being “nice” feels comfortable but may not be a very healthy or productive place to work. “Nice” [...]

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  • Patrick Lencioni on Trust

What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

  Sick Teams usually share one thing in common: They don’t trust each other. How do you fix a team that doesn’t trust?  First of all, agree on what it means to trust each other.  Most of us define it as Predictive Trust. We trust each other to complete our [...]

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