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We believe that people are created with purpose, greatness, and potential. We all have a destiny— we will help you realize yours. We help people achieve their full potential both personally and in the workplace through counseling, coaching, training and organizational development. People are able to reach their full potential when they have a clear understanding of effective communication and interpersonal relationships.



When things aren’t working well in your organization you need get to the root of the problem.  We’ll determine whether… [more]


We provide on-site training, retreats, conferences, and webinars. We’ll custom tailor just the perfect instructional session to meet your needs. … [more]


We provide both life coaching and executive coaching for individuals and organizations.  Onsite, offsite, on the phone or in person,… [more]


Life issues can become overwhelming.  Sometimes you need someone to walk along beside you and help you figure things out. … [more]

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Committed to Life Changing Results!


Tim is one of our favorite facilitators we bring to campus to serve our faculty, staff, and students. He is engaging, interactive, creative, and brings great content with a relevant and meaningful approach. His memorable stories tie the curriculum in to make an impact on his audience. He offers practical solutions to real-world challenges by providing tools that you and your team can take back and use tomorrow.

Thank you so much for presenting at the Syngenta LAIB Program. I learned so much about myself and how I communicate with others and how to work better with them. It was informative and interactive. The materials provided help solidify in words, my style–it was eye-opening. Thank you again so much

Lisa C., Syngenta

This is my second class with Tim. He is an excellent speaker and keeps the audience engaged. His examples/stories are always relevant and his curriculum is easy to understand and follow. Great Class!

My husband joked with me last night that he felt he too had taken your class because I talked about all I had learned from your workshop until my eyes shut on both nights! We have learned much on both a personal and professional level how better to communicate with others depending on what their personality styles might be. We found your information up-to-date, relevant, and easily understood. Thank you so much for making a huge and positive impression on our lives.

“Mona presented to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber InternOKC program and was simply magnificent. She talked to our class of 350 interns about how to embrace diversity in the workplace and in their personal lives. Such an important topic. We got rave reviews from both the interns and our employers.”

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